UL 1413

Standard for High-Voltage Components for Television-Type Appliances

1.1 These requirements cover flyback transformers, high-voltage multipliers, deflection yokes and picture-tube high-voltage-neck components intended to be employed in television-type appliances.

1.2 High voltage is defined as a potential equal to or greater than 2500 V peak.

1.3 Unless stated otherwise, each paragraph applies to all components covered by the scope of these requirements.

1.4 Protective devices or circuits that are an integral part of a component are to be considered as part of that component.

1.5 Deleted and relocated to Foreword February 26, 2002.


  • Edition Number: 6
  • Edition Date: 12/16/1999
  • Price Code: B
  • Type: ulstd
  • ANSI Approved: 07/24/2012
  • DOD Approved: