UL 2158

Electric Clothes Dryers

1.1 This Standard applies to electric clothes dryers intended to be used in nonhazardous locations in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CE Code, Part I) and the (U.S.) National Electrical Code (NEC), on circuits having a nominal voltage not exceeding 600 V.

Note: Wherever practical, for convenience, the term "appliance" has been used in lieu of "clothes dryer" or "machine".

1.2 This Standard applies to both cord-connected and permanently connected appliances. The appliances covered by this Standard are intended for use by the general public not specifically trained in the use of the appliance, regardless of the mode by which its operation is initiated. They are for use in households and for commercial purposes, including appliances provided with coin-, ticket-, or card-operated mechanisms, laundry centers and combination washer-dryers. This Standard applies to tumbling clothes dryers and non-tumbling clothes dryers, such as drying cabinets, as well as both vented clothes dryers and non-vented clothes dryers, such as condensation-type and heat pump clothes dryers.

1.3 This Standard does not apply to industrial and institutional type appliances. Industrial or institutional appliances are covered under the scope of Electric Commercial Clothes-Drying Equipment, UL 1240.

Note: Industrial and institutional type appliances are not intended for use by the general public, but only by trained or supervised personnel.


  • Edition Number: 4
  • Edition Date: 12/18/2015
  • Price Code: C
  • Type: ulcsa
  • ANSI Approved: 12/18/2015
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