UL 2759

Standard for Sustainability for Hard Surface Cleaners

2.1 This standard establishes human health and environmental criteria for hard surface cleaners. There exist many differing types of hard surface cleaners, many of which perform diverse functions and which are chemically unique. Class-specific products covered by this standard include the following:

a)    Bathroom Cleaners,

b)    Boat and Bilge Cleaners,

c)    Cleaners for Cooking Appliances,

d)    Degreasers,

e)    Dish Washing Detergents,

f)    General Purpose Cleaners,

g)    Industrial Cleaners,

h)    Vehicle Cleaners, and

i)    Window and Glass Cleaners.

2.2 Hard surface cleaners not already considered may also be evaluated under this standard if they meet the following conditions:

a)    A review of the product results in a finding that the likely environmental and human health impacts associated with the expected use of the product are sufficiently addressed by the criteria in this standard.

b)    The product complies with all base criteria of this standard, including those additional criteria that apply for products intended for household use. Base criteria represent the most stringent thresholds for cleaning products, allowing products outside the above categories that are capable of meeting these criteria to be evaluated as cleaners under this standard.

2.3 Cleaning and degreasing products that are biologically-based and those products requiring registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act in the United States are outside the scope of this standard.


  • Edition Number: 1
  • Edition Date: 09/26/2011
  • Price Code: A
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