UL 2784

Standard for Sustainability for Hand Cleaners

2.1 This Standard includes all hand cleaners as further defined in the subcategories in this section. The subcategories are:

a)    Institutional hand cleaners; and

b)    Industrial heavy duty hand cleaners.

2.2 Hand cleaners are designed to remove both organic and inorganic soil from skin. Industrial products are found in garages, print shops, and other industrial settings. Institutional products are found in public washrooms of restaurants, retail, schools and other public buildings. At present, the standard does not focus on the use of hand cleaners in households, food preparation operations, or medical facilities.

2.3 During use these products may have environmental impacts on air quality through volatile ingredients and user safety from irritating ingredients. When disposed the active ingredients are rinsed into sewage systems immediately after use and potentially affect aquatic ecosystems. Container packaging may or may not be recycled and is generally disposed of to landfill. Some containers use less material per unit product and transport emission benefits can be realized by packaging choices.


  • Edition Number: 1
  • Edition Date: 10/03/2011
  • Price Code: A
  • Type: ule
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