UL 96A

Standard for Installation Requirements for Lightning Protection Systems

1.1 These requirements cover the installation of lightning protection systems on all types of structures other than structures used for the production, handling, or storage of ammunition, explosives, flammable liquids or gases, and other explosive ingredients including dust.

1.2 These requirements apply to lightning protection systems that are complete and cover all parts of a structure. Partial systems are not covered by this standard.

1.3 These requirements shall not apply to adjacent structures.

1.4 Adjacent structures shall be considered separate structures.

1.5 Adjacent structures with lightning protection shall be considered part of the structure if the adjacent structure's lightning protection system complies with this standard and is connected to the lightning protection system of the structure in accordance with Section 10.4.

1.6 Walkways that are attached to a structure shall be considered part of that structure.

1.7 Free standing Walkways shall be considered an adjacent structure under the following conditions:

a) It is separated by a fire wall and conductive media that is shared by both facilities has an SPD in accordance with Section 13.

b) It is isolated by a distance of not less than six feet and conductive media that is shared by both facilities has an SPD in accordance with Section 13.

1.8 This standard does not cover lightning protection for:

a) Electric transmission lines or open air distribution racks,

b) Outdoor substations or switch yards, and

c) Electric generators unenclosed by a building other enclosed structure.

1.9 Enclosed generators and conventional building structures at or associated with generators or power plants, etc. are covered.

1.10 These requirements do not cover lightning protection components, which are covered by the Standard for Lightning Protection Components, UL 96.


  • Edition Number: 13
  • Edition Date: 03/18/2016
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  • Type: ulstd
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