UL 987

Standard for Stationary and Fixed Electric Tools

1.1 These requirements cover cord-connected or permanently-connected stationary and light industrial electric tools for use in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70 and provided with a means for:

a)    Grounding the tool on a branch circuit rated not more than 600 V and employing no universal motor rated more than 250 V; or

b)    Providing double insulation for a tool on a branch circuit involving a potential of not more than 150 V to ground.

1.2 These requirements also cover accessories and attachments for use with tools included in 1.1 if the accessories or attachments are:

a)    Identified by catalog number or equivalent product designation in the instruction manual for the tool; or

b)    Packed with the tool.

Specific requirements are outlined in Sections 85 - 88.

1.3 These requirements do not cover any of the following:

a)    Portable tools;

b)    Automated machine tools intended for production line use;

c)    Garage equipment with the exception of bench type brake lathes;

d)    Painting equipment; or

e)    Other equipment covered by individual requirements.

1.4 A stationary or fixed electric tool intended to be remotely or automatically controlled, or a permanently connected tool intended for continuous duty are judged on the basis of compliance with the requirements in this standard, insofar as they are applicable, and further examination and test to determine whether the tool is acceptable for the purpose.

1.5 These requirements do not cover accessories or attachments that:

a)    Are not packed with the tool; or

b)    Are not identified by catalog number or equivalent product designation in the instruction manual provided with the tool.

Accessories or attachments mentioned in mini-catalogs or flyers may or may not be provided with the tool.


  • Edition Number: 8
  • Edition Date: 10/19/2011
  • Price Code: D
  • Type: ulstd
  • ANSI Approved: 05/02/2013
  • DOD Approved: 05/20/1976