Digital View Feature Now Available

our entire library of UL-authored Standards now has open-access online viewing capability for any interested individual or organization globally, for the first time in our 125 years.

Front-loading washer and dryers hazardous to small children

Front-loading washers and dryers pose a safety risk for children due tothe potential foraccidental entrapment.

Keep safe from grill flare-ups this summer

There is the risk of flare-ups from sizzling food that can cause fires.

UL Innovations

Global Marketing Creative Services has always broken the mold when it comes to how we approach innovation. We choose how we do what we do by while also keeping the past, present and future vision of the UL brand intact.

Keeping your Family Safe When Using Automatic Garage Doors

Before today’s industry standards existed, potential danger occurred when children, animals and even adults walked beneath the closing doors and became trapped and injured.

Protecting your family, property and possessions with UL-certified home security systems

every 18 seconds, there is another home being invaded. And now, with the rise and adoption of smart devices and the Internet of Things, making your connected home secure can be even more complicated than ever.

Preventing CO Poisoning from Your Portable Generator

Carbon monoxide, also known as the “Silent Killer,” is undetectable by humans because it is colorless, odorless and tasteless. In high enough concentrations, CO can harm or kill a person within minutes. UL product testing helps ensure the accuracy of safety features that are included in all types of portable generators.