Global Marketing Creative Services has always broken the mold when it comes to how we approach innovation. We choose how we do what we do by while also keeping the past, present and future vision of the UL brand intact. We have an inane willingness to try new things that may fail, but that’s okay. Innovation doesn’t happen without risk. We take those educated risks to push the boundaries of design at UL. When we succeed as a team, we all succeed.
The work we’re currently presenting is, we believe, the future of creative marketing. This also allows UL to focus more on future initiatives in digital securities while also keeping up with the new strides in print marketing.

2016 ULIC Golf Event

By designing an 3D experience and a variety of illustrated wall showcasing the UL experience, we were able to present UL in a fresh view to visitors and ultimately, UL consumers. They could interact with assorted personas via life-sized touchscreens by answering 20 questions presented in a digital flipbook. Through these digital interactions, visitors were able to gain knowledge about UL while having a bit of fun.

UL helps bring the game to golf enthusiasts around the world with just the click of a button. For the redesign of our webpage, we took a fresh approach at creating an experience for fans and visitors alike. An intriguing campaign of the UL International Crown, brand ambassadors, game certification and news on up-and-coming players were nestled within our crisply updated digital branding, used to bring consumer awareness and drive more consumer eyes to the UL homepage.

UL Connect

For those who sadly couldn’t make it to our fan expo, we created a simple yet exciting solution that made them feel like they were watching the game live wherever, whenever. UL Connect did more than just connect visitors to the game – it housed the golf event experience within the expo, including our immersive VR 360 laboratory, assorted personas, and information on About UL, including our own social hashtag so you could follow the conversation on all channels.

Automotive PPT

The average 2016 model year car has 100 million lines of software code. This includes to 20 million lines of code to run its standard navigation and infotainment system. Our PowerPoint presentation discussed the vulnerabilities of automobiles’ system incompatibilities, as well as subsequent cyber-attacks resulting from said vulnerabilities. The presentation offered an interactive PDF of the UL Automotive Cybersecurity Program’s testing process through the view of a car’s dashboard, including points on connectivity, interoperability, functionality and data privacy.

Fremont Media Day

For media officials visiting our UL facilities, there’s a lot to see in one day. In response to this, we wanted to make sure our visitors got all the information they could without staring at a speaker or printout for 9 hours. We created an interactive PDF for them to explore and observe the science and technology that goes into the everyday necessities we use in our homes, automobiles and lifestyle. Officials could pick certain talking points on each page from VR headsets to headphones to smart homes. Readers could walk through the story from concept to creation of each technological innovation.

UL Xplorlabs

Xplorlabs comes at a time when students need science the most. During the middle school years, when students are more likely to become less interested in science and mathematics, Xplorlabs works to encourage them to “solve [problems] through science” through our educational digital platform. Our trade booth layout includes touchscreen videos to learn as you follow along, interactive testing stations both digitally and hands-on, and even tech swag. We also supply back lighting and mood lighting to facilitate healthy cerebral responses to memory and learning techniques. And an overhead camera would be available to capture all of the action.