ULSE needs your help. If you have a special interest in consumer products and would like to participate in the development and maintenance of a product safety standard, ULSE may have an opportunity for you.

Consumers can participate in the standards development process by joining Technical Committee (TCs). TCs are the consensus bodies that develop and maintain ULSE product safety standards.

Consumer participants on TCs receive the following support:

  • training sessions for new volunteers
  • financial support for travel expenses to attend TC meetings
  • $250 per day honorarium

Below is a list of consumer standards.  Please visit the TC Call for Members for information related to these standards. To apply for membership on a Technical Committee (TC), submit an Application for the TC(s) of interest. The application is available through our Standards member portal, MyInfo



UL 82, Electric Gardening Appliances

UL 130, Electric Heated Bedding

UL 136, Pressure Cookers

UL 144, LP Gas Regulators

UL 153, Portable Luminaires

UL 154, Carbon-Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

UL 174, Household Electric Storage Tank Water Heaters

UL 217, Single and Multiple Station Smoke Alarms

UL 248-1, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 1: General Requirements

UL 248-2, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 2: Class C Fuses

UL 248-3, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 3: Class CA and CB Fuses

UL 248-4, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 4: Class CC Fuses

UL 248-5, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 5: Class G Fuses

UL 248-6, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 6: Class H Non-Renewable Fuses

UL 248-7, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 7: Class H Renewable Fuses

UL 248-8, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 8: Class J Fuses

UL 248-9, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 9: Class K Fuses

UL 248-10, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 10: Class L Fuses

UL 248-11, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 11: Plug Fuses

UL 248-12, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 12: Class R Fuses

UL 248-13, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 13: Semiconductor Fuses

UL 248-14, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 14: Supplemental Fuses

UL 248-15, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 15: Class T Fuses

UL 248-16, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 16: Test Limiters

UL 248-19, Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 19: Photovoltaic Fuses

UL 250, Household Refrigerators and Freezers

UL 268, Smoke Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling Systems

UL 268A, Smoke Detectors for Duct Applications

UL 275, Automotive Glass-Tube Fuses

UL 295, Commercial-Industrial Gas Burners

UL 296, Oil Burners

UL 298, Portable Electric Hand Lamps

UL 299, Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

UL 307A, Liquid Fuel-Burning Heating Appliances for Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles

UL 307B, Gas Burning Heating Appliances for Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles

UL 325, Garage Door Openers

UL 399, Drinking Water Coolers

UL 430, Waste Disposals

UL 469, Musical Instruments

UL 474, Dehumidifiers

UL 482, Portable Sun/Heat Lamps

UL 484, Room Air Conditioners

UL 499, Electric Heating Appliances

UL 507, Electric Fans

UL 588, Seasonal and Holiday Decorative Products

UL 626, Water Fire Extinguishers

UL 696, Electric Toys

UL 705, Power Ventilators

UL 711, Fire Extinguisher, Rating and Fire Testing of

UL 726, Oil Fired Boiler Systems

UL 727, Oil Fired Central Furnaces

UL 729, Oil Fired Floor Furnaces

UL 730, Oil Fired Wall Furnaces

UL 731, Oil Fired Unit Heaters

UL 732, Oil Fired Air Storage Tank Water Heaters

UL 733, Oil Fired Air Heaters and Direct Fired Heaters

UL 745 Series

UL 749, Household Dishwashers

UL 795, Commercial Industrial Fas Heating Equipment

UL 813, Commercial Audio Equipment

UL 817, Cord Sets and Power Supply Cords

UL 858, Household Electric Ranges

UL 859, Household Electric Personal Grooming Devices

UL 867, Electrostatic Air Cleaners

UL 896, Oil Burning Stoves

UL 923, Microwave Ovens

UL 943, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

UL 964, Electrically Heated Bedding

UL 969, Marking and Labeling

UL 979, Water Treatment Appliances

UL 982, Motor-Operated Household Food Processing Machines

UL 987, Stationary and Fixed Electric Tools

UL 998, Humidifiers

UL 1005, Electric Flatirons

UL 1017, Vacuum Cleaners

UL 1018, Electric Aquarium Equipment

UL 1026, Electric Household Cooking and Food Appliances

UL 1028, Hair Clipping and Shaving Appliances

UL 1042, Electric Baseboard Heating Equipment

UL 1081, Swimming Pool Pumps, Filters, and Chlorinators

UL 1082, Household Electric Coffee Makers and Brewing-Type Appliances

UL 1083, Household Electric Skillets and Frying-Type Appliances

UL 1086, Household Trash Compactors

UL 1093, Halogenated Agent Fire Extinguishers

UL 1123, Marine Buoyant Devices

UL 1175, Buoyant Cushions

UL 1177, Buoyant Vests

UL 1180, Fully Inflatable Recreational Personal Flotation Devices

UL 1191, Components for Personal Floatation Devices

UL 1197, Immersion Suits

UL 1248, Engine-Generator Assemblies for Use in Recreational Vehicles

UL 1278, Moveable and Wall-or-Ceiling-Hung Electric Room Heaters

UL 1431, Personal Hygiene and Health Care Appliances

UL 1447, Electric Lawnmowers

UL 1448, Electric Hedge Trimmers

UL 1453, Electric Booster and Commercial Storage Tank Water Heaters

UL 1484, Residential Gas Detectors

UL 1492, Audio-Video Products and Accessories

UL 1517, Hyrid Personal Floatation Devices

UL 1563, Electric Spas, Equipment Assemblies and Associated Equipment

UL 1574, Track Lighting Systems

UL 1576, Rechargeable and Automatic Flashlights and Lanterns

UL 1594, Sewing and Cutting Machines

UL 1598, Luminaires

UL 1598A, Supplemental Requirements for Luminaires

UL 1598B ,Supplemental Requirements for Luminaire Reflector Kits Installation on Previously Installed Fluorescent Luminaires

UL 1642, Household and Commercial Batteries

UL 1647, Motor-Operated Massage and Exercise Machines

UL 1678, Household, Commercial, & Professional Carts & Stands

UL 1699, Arc-Fault-Circuit-Interrupters

UL 1727, Commercial Electric Personal Grooming Devices

UL 1786, Nightlights

UL 1795, Hydromassage Bathtubs

UL 1803, Factory Follow-Up on Third Party Certified Portable Fire Extinguishers

UL 1838, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems

UL 1839, Automotive Battery Chargers

UL 2021, Fixed and Location-Dedicated Electric Room Heaters

UL 2034, Single and Multiple Station Carbon Monoxide Alarms

SUBJECT 2075, Gas and Vapor Detectors and Sensors

UL 2096, Commercial/industrial Gas and/or Oil-Burning Assemblies with Emission Reduction Equipment

UL 2106, Field Erected Boiler Assemblies

UL 2108, Low Voltage Lighting Systems

UL 2129, Halocarbon Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

UL 2157, Electric Clothes Washing Machines and Extractors

UL 2158, Electric Clothes Dryers

UL 2201, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Emission Rate of Portable Generators

UL 2255, Receptacle Closures

SUBJECT 2265, Fuel Cell Power Units & Fuel Storage Containers for Portable Devices

UL 2272, Electrical Systems for Personal E-Mobility Devices

UL 2388, Flexible Lighting Products

UL 2438, Outdoor Seasonal-Use Cord-Connected Wiring Devices

UL 2442, Wall- and Ceiling- Mounts for TVs

UL 2738, Induction Power Transmitters and Receivers for use with Low Energy Products

UL 2743, Portable Power Packs

UL 2849, Electric Bicycles, Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC Bicycles), Electric Scooters, and Electric Motorcycles

UL 2904, Standard Method for Testing and Assessing Particle and Chemical Emissions from 3D Printers

UL 3300, Service, Communication, Information, Education and Entertainment (SCIEE) Robots

UL 4248-1, Fuseholders – Part 1: General Requirements

UL 4248-4, Fuseholders – Part 4: Class CC

UL 4248-5, Fuseholders – Part 5: Class G

UL 4248-6, Fuseholders – Part 6: Class H

UL 4248-8, Fuseholders – Part 8: Class J

UL 4248-9, Fuseholders – Part 9: Class K

UL 4248-11, Fuseholders – Part 11: Type C (Edison Base) and Type S Plug Fuse

UL 4248-12, Fuseholders – Part 12: Class R

UL 4248-15, Fuseholders – Part 15: Class T

UL 6142, Small Wind Turbine Systems

UL 6500, Audio/Video & Musical Instrument Apparatus for Household, Commercial & Similar General Use

UL 8400, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Technology Equipment

UL 12402-6, Personal Flotation Devices – Part 6: Special Purpose Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids – Safety Requirements and Additional Test Methods

UL 60335-2-3, Household and Similar Electrical Appliances, Part2: Particular Requirements for Electric Irons

UL 60335-2-8, Household and Similar Electrical Appliances, Part 2: Particular Requirements for Shavers, Hair Clippers, and Similar Appliances

UL 60335-2-14, Household and Similar Electrical Appliances, Part 2: Particular Requirements for Kitchen Machines

UL 60335-2-29, Household and Similar Electrical Appliances – Safety – Part 2-29: Particular Requirements for Battery Chargers

UL 60065, Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus – Safety Equipment

UL 60745 Series

UL 60950-1, Information Technology Equipment – Safety – Part1: General Requirements

UL 60950-21, Information Technology Equipment – Safety – Part 21: Remote Power Feeding

UL 62841 Series