Group activities of competitors are inherently suspect under the antitrust/anticompetition laws. Many agreements and activities between and among competitors, however, are both legal and beneficial to society and the industry. It is expected that all member representatives involved in UL related activities, as well as meeting participants, will be sensitive to the legal issues involving trade associations and take all measures necessary to comply with U.S. antitrust laws and similar foreign competition laws.

Whether seriously or in jest, do not discuss or exchange information regarding:

Prices, including:

  • Individual company prices, price changes, price differentials, pricing patterns or policies, discounts, allowances, credit terms, warranties, rebates or special financing, indemnification agreements, or other terms and conditions of sale affecting price.
  • Industry pricing policies, price levels, price changes, pricing procedures, profit margins or other data that bear on price.
  • Individual company data on costs, production, capacity, inventory, sales, profit margins or other data that bear on price.

Production, including:

  • Individual company plans concerning the design, production, distribution or marketing of particular products or product features, including possible or proposed customers or territories.
  • Agreements with competitors to control or limit production, restrict or allocate exports or imports, control or limit product quality or research or allocate sales according to customers, territories or products.

Marketing procedures, including:

  • Matters relating to dealing or not dealing with actual or potential individual suppliers, customers, or competitors that might exclude them from the market;
  • Territorial restrictions, allocations of customers, restrictions on types of products or any other kind of market division.

This list is not exhaustive and understanding and acting in compliance with U.S. and foreign antitrust and competition laws sometimes can be difficult. If you have a question about the propriety of UL activities or discussions in an UL meeting, you are encouraged immediately to contact UL counsel or your company’s legal counsel.

Export controls:

It is also necessary to comply with applicable export control laws and regulations. As a result, no export-controlled information (often referred to as “technology”), can be conveyed or discussed without the appropriate license or other government approval. Please consult your organization’s export compliance staff or outside counsel with any questions.