UL and the national standards body of Israel (SII) recently signed a renewed and expanded agreement to collaborate on safety requirements and to allow for the adoption of UL Standards by SII.

The agreement provides SII with full access to all UL standards, and encourages the translation, use, and adoption of UL standards within Israel. In addition, the agreement encourages cooperation and collaboration between UL and SII on standards development efforts.

“UL is pleased to renew and expand our work with SII to continue to advance our global public safety mission through the sharing of safety information and through collaboration on the implementation of effective safety standards within Israel” said Phil Piqueira, Vice President, UL Standards. “As the national standards body in Israel, SII is a welcome partner for UL in the pursuit of effective safety standards, globally. UL welcomes the opportunity to have a stronger working relationship with safety leaders in this important country.”

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