OTTAWA, OntarioJuly 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global safety science leader, is pleased to announce the publication of CAN/UL 2984, Management of Public Risks – Principles and Guidelines. This first edition document is intended to provide guidance to organizations accountable for the management of public risk and assist them with risk-informed decision-making to reduce public harm while maximizing public good. It sets out principles and provides guidance regarding the identification, analysis, evaluation and decision-making in the management of public risk. 

The guideline, the first of its kind, was developed using a consensus-based standards development process and was carried out in collaboration with balanced stakeholder representation including participants from across Canadathe United StatesChina, the United Kingdom and Australia. Although the guideline was written primarily for organizations responsible for the management of public risk, such as public sector organizations, government departments and agencies, and regulated entities, the principles and guidelines may also be applicable to others that indirectly support the management of public risk.  

Maria Iafano, international standards manager, who led this initiative said that the guideline met the needs of different regulators who are responsible for managing public risk.

“The document was sponsored by the National Public Safety Advisory Committee (NPSAC), which includes public safety regulators from the provinces and territories from across Canada. UL undertook the activity to support the identified needs of regulators,” Iafano said. “They identified a need for consistent language and definitions as well as a set of similar considerations they could refer to in support of their public risk management mandate.”

The first edition guideline, and the entire UL Standards catalog, is now available for open access online viewing at

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