Recently, Clyde Kofman, SVP & COO of UL, paid a visit to the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC). Tian Shihong, the Director of SAC met with the UL team, including Philip M. Piqueira, UL VP of Global Standards and Chairman of the USNC/IEC, and Sonya Bird, UL International Standards Manager, Vice-Chairman of the IEC Technical Management Committee of USNC and new member of the IEC SMB, for a meeting. Boris Feng, VP and Managing Director of UL Greater China; BingTao Li, Deputy General Manager of UL-CCIC; and Keen Zhang, UL GC Commercial Director also attended the meeting.

Both parties mutually introduced the standardized working background, and then deeply discussed common interests in the field of lithium batteries, Hoverboards, etc. UL hopes to partner with and strengthen the cooperation on revision of relevant standards, etc., toward making contributions that benefit industrial development and bilateral trade with SAC.

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