Innovation inherently creates risk. When a new product or service is created, the world is often unaware of the dangers or risks associated with the new technology. Electricity is a great example of this concept. When first introduced at the World’s Fair, electricity posed a major fire and electrocution hazard to buildings and attendees. Through science-based research, we began to understand that electricity, when handled and installed properly, greatly improves peoples’ quality of life. Electricity’s fire and electrocution risks were mitigated through new safety standards.

Standards, however, may reach beyond obvious safety implications. They can help ensure a smartphone effectively communicates with a smart appliance, or that a life-saving device, such as an AED, is intuitive for first-time users. UL addresses both safety and sustainability issues to develop new standards, or the revision of existing standards.

Over time, these safety procedures become built into the manufacturing process. Consumers, manufacturers and retailers are left with peace-of-mind that their products will operate correctly, effectively — and safely. Standards not only help make lives more efficient, they help save them.


Safety standards are written documents that outline the process in which a product is tested to help mitigate risk, injury or danger. UL is a standard-setting organization, combining extensive safety research, scientific expertise and uncompromising focus on quality to help create a safer world.

UL Standards development covers more than just products; it also includes testing of systems and services. And, while we’re widely known for our work with safety standards, UL develops a wide variety of standards to measure and validate performance, environmental health and sustainability.

Additionally, UL certifies to international standards-setting bodies. We are closely involved with other organizations and committees, both inside and outside the U.S., to better unify safety in all industries.

With over 120 years of experience and the development of more than 1,500 Standards, UL continues to break new ground in its mission to help create a safer, more sustainable world.


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