Battery Fire Containment Products


1 Scope

1.1 These requirements provide fire test and performance criteria to evaluate battery-powered portable electronic device fire containment products.

1.1A This standard covers installed and uninstalled batteries and cells.

1.2 The fire condition represented by this test simulates the ignition of a battery-powered portable electronic device and combustible components and assemblies associated with the device.

1.2A These requirements cover containment products intended to be used for inhabited compartments.

1.3 The fire condition represented by this test is limited to devices with electrical energy with a maximum of 160 Wh.

1.3A These requirements address the containment product and not the operation and the human interface with the product.

1.3B This standard evaluates from the time that the battery-powered portable electronic device is in the containment product which is closed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

1.3C This standard evaluates the containment product as one event and done, unless marked otherwise.

1.4 These requirements do not cover fires caused by non-battery operated devices.