Plugs, Socket-Outlets and Couplers with Arcuate Contacts


1 Scope

1.1 This document sets the general and dimensional interchangeability requirements for plugs, socket-outlets, connectors and appliance inlets with arcuate contacts of standardized configurations (hereinafter referred to as accessories), with a rated operating voltage not exceeding 600 V AC at a frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz and with rated currents of 20 A and 30 A, primarily intended for commercial use indoors, in conditions where the presence of water is negligible.

1.2 This document applies to accessories for use when the ambient temperature is normally within the range of -25 °C to +40 °C. These accessories are intended to be connected to cables of copper or copper alloy only. Interchangeability requirements are defined for IP20 accessories. NOTE?The conditions of use indoors are based on the limitations given by IEC 60364-5-51:2005, Table 51A, AD1. Socket-outlets or appliance inlets incorporated in or fixed to electrical equipment are within the scope of this document.