Crimp Tools for use with Connecting Devices


1 Scope

1.1 These requirements cover crimp tools that have been evaluated for use with the following types of specified connecting devices:

a) Grounding and bonding equipment;

b) Electrical quick-connect terminals;

c) Wire connectors;

d) Wire-connector adapters; and

e) Ferrules.

These specified connecting devices comply with the requirements in the Standard for Grounding and Bonding Equipment, UL 467; the Standard for Electrical Quick-Connect Terminals, UL 310; the Standard for Wire Connectors, UL 486A-486B; the Standard for Splicing Wire Connectors, UL 486C; or the Standard for Bare and Covered Ferrules, UL 486F.

1.2 Crimp tools covered by this Standard shall be:

a) Investigated using the ratings identified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the connecting device; and

NOTE: Variances to the identified ratings (such as voltage rating, conductor stranding type or conductor range (AWG)) of the connecting device are not covered by the scope of this Standard.

b) Limited for use with connecting devices where the ratings noted in (a) have been validated by the same accredited testing and certification laboratory evaluating the crimp tool for compliance with this Standard.